Dance salsa, play soccer or volleyball, learn to cook regional cuisine, carve jade, weave with a traditional back-strap loom, mountain bike, horseback ride, and more.  Diverse activities immerse you in the human mosaic called Central America. 


"The highlight of our stay in Antigua this week was salsa dancing.  I think I can speak for everyone by saying that salsa dancing was quite a hilarious activity, learning the 'mas sexy' move and the shimmy, shimmy."


"The sweetest man ever...the Guatemalan equivalent of Santa Claus, showed us the jade and all his tools and then we got to work.  We each designed our own pendant and carved the jade ourselves.  It took more than four hours to finish mine.  I'm super proud of it and will be showing it off everywhere I go!"

"On Saturday we went kayaking across the lake.  After that we arrived at the perfect spot for cliff jumping.  The cliff I jumped off of must have been over 50ft height!  And I went twice!  It was a blast."