From the very first day of arriving in Guatemala years ago, Scott has been in awe of the country with its natural beauty, exceptionally kind people, and fantastic spirit so strong in each lovely community.  A fortuitous meeting with Laura and Markus began the relationship with Magic Carpet Rides, a relationship grounded in the shared conviction that international experience engages, educates, and transforms for a more just, understanding world.

Scott received a Master’s degree from the University of Melbourne College of Education; designed and directed Antigua International School’s community service program; founded an experiential learning program for teenagers with a core in community service learning as well as a volunteer and NGO resource center based in Guatemala.  Previous professional adventures as an education consultant, classroom teacher, ski instructor, international exchange programs manager, jazz education development coordinator, chef, and advertising executive have all contributed to a range of skills and competencies that enable Scott to work confidently across cultures. 

Scott’s international experience began in high school as an exchange student in Melbourne, Australia.  This powerfully reflective time made the world seem simultaneously much smaller and much bigger, with the recognition that we are all connected and that there is a lot to learn from the many rich cultures around us.  Driven by this initial spark of curiosity and exploration, Scott spent five additional years in Australia, three in the Czech Republic for three, a year in Honduras, and now Guatemala for the past five years.  To see, listen to, and feel the many vibrant approaches to life are great motivators of personal and social development and Scott has embraced changes along the way, ultimately finding his most contented happiness in Guatemala.   He very much looks forward to welcoming you to the country he proudly calls home.