Are you ready to immerse yourself in Spanish and climb Mayan temples hidden in the jungle while serving the needs of Guatemala?  Take a Magic Carpet Ride! 

With its rich heritage and natural beauty, Guatemala provides a stunning setting for cultural immersion as well as a convenient base to explore the treasures of Central America.  According to the Lonely Planet, if continents had their own ecosystem of gap-year opportunities, this region quite possibly offers the most abundant and varied of them all.  The majestic scale of the area, the extraordinary variety of the terrain and its amazing creatures, and the history of its inhabitants lend themselves perfectly to a grand adventure.

We support you in choosing from the following program components to design a Guatemalan adventure you'll remember for a lifetime!

Magic Carpet Rides

Learn Spanish through one-on-one instruction.

Volunteer in projects tailored to your interests.

Experience home-stay family living.

Explore natural and cultural wonders.

Climb volcanoes, salsa dance, kayak, and more!