Home-stays with Ladino as well as Mayan families integrate you into the Guatemalan community.  Home-cooked meals sample local cuisine and strengthen your conversational skills.  Family activities introduce traditions such as pinata parties, temascals and making daily tortillas.  As a foundation of the Magic Carpet Rides experience, extended home-stays within one family deepen cultural understanding through meaningful lifetime relationships.

 "I hiked to the top of the mountains.  I relaxed in a hammock next to the beach.  I have done so many fun and wonderful things, but my favorite part of the day is always coming home to my host family.  They love teaching us their traditions and their Mayan language, called Tz'utujil.  Everyday, I play card games and hide-and-seek with my home-stay brothers and often their cousins!  Today I helped my host mom make tortillas.  It was so much fun!  I can't wait to see what next week brings!"


"I eat some form of corn with every meal, whether it's tortillas, Corn Flakes, or tamalitos.  Because I have embraced the culture so well, my host-mother thinks that I will get sick from American food when I return.  According to her, I am now 'pura Chapina' (100% Guatemalan) since the Maya believe they are made from corn.   I feel completely at home.  I love my room, the kitchen, everything.  They treat me like a member of their family.  It's the best feeling ever.  I am welcome to be myself here."