Learn Spanish through one-on-one instruction with a teacher selected for your language goals.  Tiered curriculum based on the Peace Corps "one world" method emphasizes conversation, while cultural activities and games such as Spanish Scrabble provide fun and stimulating ways to practice your skills.  Classes are held from 8 AM to 12 PM Monday through Friday in a partner school with students from around the world to create a rich international experience.


"My individual Spanish teacher was the youngest I’ve ever had, which might be why I related to her so well.  She taught me through what I relate to most: music.  When teaching subjunctive and imperative verb tenses, my teacher challenged me to find songs using what I had just learned.  I loved the school because it is laid back and relaxed learning environment!  Students at the school come from all over the world and are so welcoming and fun to be around.   This was such a beautiful place to learn and I truly loved my time here."


"I love the one-on-one Spanish language lessons because I can work at my own pace with my teacher.  The first half of the day, my teacher and I talk about similarities and differences between our cultures, what we like to eat, our families, etc.  When I'm too tired to focus, we play a Spanish memory game or we talk with other students and teachers (in Spanish, of course!).  After two hours of class, we enjoy a 30 minute break to relax (and eat pan!), then we return to work.  Fridays are my favorite because they are GAME DAYS!  We have formal lessons for only half the class and, after the break, other students and I plus our teachers play cards while speaking Spanish.  Spanish school is so much fun and I'm so sad to leave!"