Whether a professional eager to volunteer, an academic or corporate group, or a family seeking a meaningful vacation, Magic Carpet Rides will work with you to create an unforgettable Guatemalan experience.   Our personalized service supports you in the planning and execution of your experience, which can be for any length of time, including a combination of Spanish language training, home-stays with Ladino Guatemalans and indigenous Maya, community service projects tailored to your interests, and exploration of the cultural and natural sights not to be missed, such as the temples of Tikal in the Petén jungle.  We'll educate you about the possibilities, plan an itinerary with you that can be somewhat flexible, make reservations, provide pre-planning information covering topics such as Health & Safety, the Guatemalan culture and a packing list, and provide in-country support. 

Sample experiences

So grateful to the students, teachers and parents from the Belle Meade School community for coming to experience our work and passion here in Guatemala. 

Here's a glimpse into their adventure...and what awaits you!

The ninth and tenth grade students from Spring Street International School created this video to share their three-week experience in Guatemala and Honduras. 

Congratulations on the beautiful video and for all you contributed with the San Juan community! 

You may chose to enjoy the colonial charm of Antigua, one of the world's top travel destinations, make tortillas with a Mayan home-stay family on Lake Atitlan, or explore ancient ruins deep in the jungle.  Whatever you might conclude about Guatemala, there is an opposite fact that will persuade you to surrender into the mystery and adventure, a dazzling paradox that can be one of life’s greatest teachers.  At the very least, you will discover a variety and nuance concerning the human condition…that wealth and happiness come from the heart.

Please contact us to take the first step in your journey.  Fees are determined according to length of stay, itinerary, and desired projects and activities and may be paid through a secure on-line transaction here: